Saturday, April 22, 2017


When you take workshops, quite often you end up with samples of what you did. Now the problem is, what do you do with these samples?  Keep them as just samples, throw them away, or use them in some way or other. For a couple of years they spend their time in my studio waiting till I found an idea in which I could use them. Finally I found an idea and this is what I did this week:

I ordered some pillows and made covers for them. Just simple lopsided log cabins and quilted them in a way that fitted the samples. It took 2 samples to make this cushion. Another sample is still waiting to be made into another cushion, but that will happen one of the coming weeks.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017


It took some time, but this week I had a handy man over who was able to drill holes in the wall. Lots of paintings/quilts still need to be hanged :-). One of the things he did was drill enough holes for my small rust canvases. Here are all 9 of them hanging behind a giant agave: